About Me

IMG_8690Hey everyone! I’m Jenn Petty and this is my first real personal blog. I had to create one of these things for a marketing class I had in college and thought, “Oh great, I’m never going to ever do something like this for reals.” But as my life went on, I started to have a lot of different thoughts than those that matched my peers.

Now when I go on Facebook, I see all these people getting all upset about events and people. When I read these things, the first thought that pops into my head is, “Do these people even know the whole story?” Then, “Did they do their research to figure out what they’re even taking a stand on?”

Anyways, I created this to get my opinions and thoughts out into the real world. Facebook has now become a place for arguments and unbacked opinions. So through this blog, I want to post my thoughts and I invite people with opposing thoughts to post and comment.

Now a little about myself…
Jenn12I am a California girl. I can see the beach from my house, I wear flip flops almost daily, and I say “dude” a lot. But I’m not the typical “California surfer” that you think of when you think of this state. I’m actually located in the central part (where we have our own specific jargon) and I don’t surf…the waves scare me.

The rocky coastline is my home and we have everything from mountains, to agricultural fields, to the beach. There’s tons of golfing and wine here too, so it’s not so bad!

As you can see from the picture on the right, I love photography. But I love it from either side of the lens (I also happen to like dressing up and going to Renaissance Faires to eat turkey legs but that’s beside the point). It really helps to know how it feels to be in front of the camera so you know how your subjects feel when you’re shooting them. Plus it’s just fun to get dressed up and take pictures for no reason.

Food is also something that I love. While I’m not an Iron Chef, I still love to find new recipes and tweak them into something of my own. Which, by the way, I make a BOMB pesto sauce!

Along with those other things I mentioned, I also like to workout. Since I like to eat a lot, I need to workout…a lot. I do all different types of workouts and am always down to try something new. If it makes me sweat, then it’s good!

So this blog is going to be a hodgepodge of anything that pops into my head. Whether it’s an idea for working out, a cool new picture that I took that I’m stoked about, an opinion on a current event, or a recipe, I’m going to share it.


All RESPECTFUL comments are welcome!


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