10 Of My Biggest Life Struggles

1) NOT purchasing $75 worth of sleepwear, undergarments, fragrances, and workout clothing just so I can get a free bag that I’ll never use again in my life. Thanks Victoria’s Secret


2) Waiting for the last 3 seconds to pass before grabbing my food out of the microwave. Because, let’s be honest, those 3 seconds aren’t going to make my food that much hotter anyways.


3) Seeing people run a red light/stop sign and not following them to let them know that in America, we have laws. And for society to function properly, we need to obey them.


4) Avoiding huge store signs that advertise the amazing sale they are currently having. Because let’s face it, a $500 pair of jeans on sale for $200 is such a great deal, am I right?!


5) Waiting for lasagna or pizza to cool down before eating it. Even after 23 years of life, I still burn my mouth on those flowing streams of cheesy lava. Every. Single. Time.


6)  Trying to learn how to play video games like Call of Duty. When I try, I just end up running around in circles with my gun aimed in the air the whole time.


7) Finding a show on Netflix that actually has a season finale. All the ones I choose always get canceled and never have an appropriate ending.

frabz-im-so-upset-someone-text-me-59584f8) Trying to remember my password to my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, my 4 e-mail accounts, iTunes, and bank websites even though they make me change it every 90 days and never let me use the same password twice. Ever.


9) Finding and committing to a new workout and, before starting, accepting the fact that I will never look like the person on the cover.


10) Hearing people talk and not saying all of the things I really truly want to say.



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