10 Of My Biggest Life Struggles

1) NOT purchasing $75 worth of sleepwear, undergarments, fragrances, and workout clothing just so I can get a free bag that I’ll never use again in my life. Thanks Victoria’s Secret


2) Waiting for the last 3 seconds to pass before grabbing my food out of the microwave. Because, let’s be honest, those 3 seconds aren’t going to make my food that much hotter anyways.


3) Seeing people run a red light/stop sign and not following them to let them know that in America, we have laws. And for society to function properly, we need to obey them.


4) Avoiding huge store signs that advertise the amazing sale they are currently having. Because let’s face it, a $500 pair of jeans on sale for $200 is such a great deal, am I right?!


5) Waiting for lasagna or pizza to cool down before eating it. Even after 23 years of life, I still burn my mouth on those flowing streams of cheesy lava. Every. Single. Time.


6)  Trying to learn how to play video games like Call of Duty. When I try, I just end up running around in circles with my gun aimed in the air the whole time.


7) Finding a show on Netflix that actually has a season finale. All the ones I choose always get canceled and never have an appropriate ending.

frabz-im-so-upset-someone-text-me-59584f8) Trying to remember my password to my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, my 4 e-mail accounts, iTunes, and bank websites even though they make me change it every 90 days and never let me use the same password twice. Ever.


9) Finding and committing to a new workout and, before starting, accepting the fact that I will never look like the person on the cover.


10) Hearing people talk and not saying all of the things I really truly want to say.



Let Me Tell You A Tail…

Many of you may have seen my previous post Faerie Nice to Meet You, and this happens to be the second part of that photo shoot! While the Faerie photo shoot was fun, the tail this lady wore brought it to a whole new level.

One of my favorite movies to watch while growing up was The Little Mermaid. I loved that no matter what, she went for what she wanted, despite all the obvious obstacles. She didn’t let people tell her what to do or dampen her enthusiasm. Ariel actually has a lot in common with my model Meredith.

Meredith is a colorful soul who does what she wants. Her job is adorable and lets her escape to another place and lets her be someone else for that time. Luckily, she can be someone else and follow those dreams…and be gorgeous the whole time. Anyways, here are some of the “tail” photos. Enjoy!








This story ends just like the movie, this beauty definitely lives happily ever after with her prince.


A Couple of Cuties


I am so lucky to live in such a beautiful place. Lover’s Point in Pacific Grove, California is such a gorgeous setting for any photo shoot. As fortunate as I am, these two people let me do a photo shoot of them and they were naturals. As you take a look at the following pictures, it’s evident to see how in love they are.








This was from a shoot I did awhile back but I decided to just to go back over the photos. This was definitely one of the most fun shoots I’ve ever done. These people were naturals and didn’t make me have to work hard at all! It was one of the nicer/easier shoots I’ve ever done…let alone they are a gorgeous couple and made every photo look great regardless. I definitely look forward to the next shoot I get to do with them…maybe it’ll be their wedding?! 😉

Sun Dresses and Floppy Hats

IMG_3572_EditEver just want to do a shoot with a beautiful lady in a elegant sundress and hat? Well I’ve wanted to do that for awhile and finally got the chance. Thankfully, my good friend Suzi was willing to let me shoot her. We met in college earlier this year and became instant friends. The funny thing is, when we started the shoot, she said she felt awkward. She said that she never feels comfortable in front of the camera and doesn’t usually look good in photos. Well, take a look at the follow images and tell me what YOU think…


IMG_3524_EditMiss Suzi is from a town in Idaho and is absolutely in love with her Idaho necklace. She loves to show it off and “represent.” That’s one of the things I love most about the photo above.














IMG_3549_EditNow how can anyone say that they don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera when they look THIS good in pictures?! Well I feel honored that she is my friend and allowed me to photograph her. Thanks Suzi!

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