The Mother of All Shoots

Maternity shoots are becoming more and more popular these days…and I love it! They’re so beautiful. These shoots fully embrace the amazingness of the female body in it’s capacity to grow and sustain another human being within her. Anyways, I did my first maternity shoot a couple of months ago and absolutely fell in love with this style. Here are some of the photos that came out of that shoot.


We did this shoot at the River Inn in Big Sur, Ca. This lady pictured right here did an amazing job picking out her outfit and matching it with the background. The yellows and greens completely compliment each other and make the feel of this picture very unisex, since this couple decided to wait to find out the sex of the baby. The warm and cozy colors make these photos fun and welcoming.


This shows how their love came together to create a miracle.



He wanted to “pop” her belly because he couldn’t wait to meet his very first child! Oh the anticipation…



This couple was so much fun to shoot. Their love for each other shone through in every picture that I took. When editing these, I couldn’t help but have a dumb smile on my face the entire time!


Their baby announcement was a picture of 2 chickens and a paper mache egg that read “June 2014.” So we carried the theme of that over and featured a little ducky in their photos.


They just recently had their baby, and it turned out to be a healthy, happy, and beautiful baby girl. I feel honored that I get to continue to watch their fairytale unravel right before my eyes. Now I’m just waiting to do the baby’s first photo shoot! 😉


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